About Segreti Design

Drawing inspiration from fine art, contemporary works in particular, our team focuses on aesthetic sensibilities. We approach each home with open minds, original perspectives and fresh ideas. Known to push the envelope, we often encourage our clients to explore new possibilities. Our unique approach ensures that our interior design concepts are steeped in tradition but have a forward-thinking attitude.

Principal, Heather Segreti’s formal interior design background and accredited training have shaped her refined design aesthetic. She is both highly credentialed and innately creative. She is a certified interior designer with memberships provincially and nationally. When Segreti interviews her clients she asks the all-important question: Is this really going to challenge us creatively? She savours projects that stretch her team’s abilities. Clients have the pleasure of working with our team on all aspects of their project, experiencing a close partnership. Segreti selectively aligns her firm with clients who are willing to step beyond their comfort zones, yet she fully respects their needs, wants and aspirations.

About Heather Segreti

Originally from Northern Ontario, Segreti found the diversity and sophistication of Toronto to be captivating. Upon obtaining her Interior Design Degree here in Toronto she choose to live and work in this exciting urban environment. A proven master of classical and contemporary designs, she established her namesake firm more than 10 years ago after spending a decade working with commercial design firms. During her formative years in the industry Segreti worked on and transformed multiple prominent spaces in Toronto as well as the Greater Toronto area. Her work extended as far reaching as Vancouver, Florida, and Eastern Canada. These projects included spaces such as city halls, council chambers, high-status condominiums, hotels, retail stores, and luxury private residences.

Residential interior design would become Segreti Design’s permanent focus, as they commit to work exclusively in the new luxury home sector. Today the talented team serves savvy clientele throughout Toronto and other prestigious areas of the Greater Toronto Area.

An intuitive designer and highly perceptive person, Segreti delves deep with her clients to uncover their wishes, dreams and specific needs. She sees in people that which they may not see in themselves and aims to design a home that reflects the nuances of its owners. Segreti is passionate about the whole creative process: concerting, designing, planning and problem solving. Technologically savvy and creatively daring, Segreti guides her team to create shop drawings that are elaborate and painstakingly technical to ensure accurate execution. Custom architectural elements such as a club-inspired bar or an in-home movie theatre enthuses her; she selects the perfect millwork craftsmen to produce the project with optimum results.

It is the details that turn ordinary into extraordinary.

Collaborating with architects from the outset, Segreti has made her mark in a predominantly male profession, earning the admiration of colleagues. She often orchestrates the creative process, acting as primary liaison with architects, builders, contractors, lighting and landscape designers, fabricators, artisans and trades people to ensure harmony during home construction and design phases. Establishing trust is the foundation of her client-designer interactions and she insists on thorough communication with all involved. Elite homeowners appreciate her sincerely personalized approach and many long-lasting relationships have transpired.

Always exciting and original, her interiors possess a light touch with a nod to tradition. A true passion for helping others achieve their dreams inspires Segreti’s work. She is emotionally fulfilled when the project comes to fruition as a space where memories will be made, families will gather, children will be raised. She philosophizes, the art of interior design sets the stage for life’s most treasured moments. Segreti’s artistic interiors have been featured in luxury lifestyle publications including DOLCE Luxury Lifestyle & Fashion Magazine, Azure, Canadian Home Trends, Reno & Decor, Luxury Condo & Hotel Residences/New Condo Guide, Lush Luxury, Dream Homes & Condos, Home Decor and Renovation, Larger than Light, Revive and Design Quarterly with exemplary commissions also showcased on Canadian (W Network television).

Toronto has a world-class design and cultural community and to be a part of the regions vibrant renaissance is an honour for Segreti – she puts her heart and soul into each project. Poised for the next design challenge, she aspires to expand into new creative territory with her visionary attitude leading the way.

Award Winning Firm

We are thrilled to announce that Segreti Design has once again solidified its position as a leader in the world of interior design, with a triumphant victory at the prestigious 2023 Americas Property Awards. Our exceptional team’s dedication and creative prowess have been recognized with the 2023 Americas Property Award for Residential Interior in the Private Residence category in Canada.

This remarkable achievement builds upon our earlier successes, as we previously won the Canadian Property Award for Interior Design in the Private Residence category in 2017, along with the esteemed title of Best Interior Design Private Residence Canada.